Welcome to ALSIK NORDIC SPA & WELLNESS at the Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa

A world of unique spa experiences awaits you in beautiful surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere. The biggest spa in Denmark in our hotel in Sønderborg, meticulously designed down to the last detail to create a perfect sensory experience just for you. You can explore more than 60 different spa and wellness experiences dispersed over more than 4,500 square metres and four floors.

This large spa was inspired by Nordic nature, light, water and forests. Journey with us into age-old Nordic bathing rituals with their unique combination of water, heat and cold. Or choose from classic and new trail-blazing spa and wellness treatments rooted in the best spa traditions and innovation. We look forward to pampering you with your own personal, unique spa experience.

At Alsik Spa, you can unwind from the stress and pressures of daily life, as you feel your body rediscover its natural calm, harmony and balance. Let your gaze wander across the waters of Alssund from our unique lounge areas or visit the large Fitness Studio, open to hotel guests 24 hours a day. We look forward to welcoming you. 

By the way: Our spa was named one of the best wellness hotels in the 11/22 issue of the travel magazine GEO Saison.

Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Sønderborg - Pool

Alsik Spa Pool

You will immediately notice the unusual calm, relaxing atmosphere of Alsik Spa Pool. The natural elements oflight, water, heat and cold create harmony and balance.

A seemingly endless array of spa experiences. Begin your journey with sauna and experience showers, experience the northern lights in the Aurora Cave and feel the calming effect of the Fire Lounge. Our patio features our outdoor Infinity Saltwater Pool with unique view across Alssund. You can also enjoy refreshments in the Spa Café serving organic food and beverages.

Enjoy Alsik Spa Pool with family and friends or someone dearest to you.

Wellness & Treatments

Look forward to exceptional experiences as our therapists pamper you with both tradition-bound and new spa and wellness treatments. All treatments build on deep respect for your body’s natural balance, and we meticulously ensure that each visit has your personal well-being in mind.

Each treatment also includes access to the authentic, exclusive Tea Lounge, to terraces with panoramic views across Alssund and to the unique Salt Lounge that stimulates the body into deep relaxation – naturally and effectively. The beautiful surroundings provide time for reflection and space for calming, attuning and balancing your body and mind.

Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Sønderborg - Spa

Massage and Body Treatments

  • Alsik Mind Kur
    65 min. / DKK 895
    95 min. / DKK 1,095

    We begin the treatment with gentle guidance to help
    focus your awareness on your body and senses. This is
    followed by a massage which balances and calms your
  • Alsik Muscle Kur
    60 min. / DKK 895
    90 min. / DKK 1,095

    Massage techniques specifically working on muscles,
    joints and connective tissue to loosen tension and
    enhance strength and suppleness.
  • Nordic Head and Face Kur
    30 min. / DKK 495

    By effectively stimulating more than 40 different
    face and scalp muscles, this treatment is relaxing
    and energising at the same time.
  • Nordic Hammam
    60 min. / DKK 995

    Inspired by the traditional Hammam experience with
    natural organic products from Moroccan Natural. Dry
    brushing, Black Soap cleansing ritual and a body wrap
    of Moroccan rhassoul clay followed by moisturising
    Moroccan argan oil.
  • Alsik Body Kur
    60 min. / DKK 895
    90 min. / DKK 1,095

    Dry brushing followed by massage techniques to
    stimulate circulation and help detoxify your body.
    This treatment leaves your body relaxed and revitalised.
  • Nordic Back, Neck and Shoulder Kur
    30 min. / DKK 495

    A treatment focused on loosening and relaxing areas
    where almost all types of tension and stress build up.
  • Nordic Soft Foot Kur
    30 min. / DKK 495

    The ultimate treatment that invites you to put up your
    feet, lean back and unwind for a while.
  • Reborn Body Treatment
    BY RAAW 80 min. / DKK 995

    A purifying body treatment which firms up skin
    texture, revitalises, and promotes optimal hydration.
    Exfoliation with nourishing algae salts followed by a
    warm body wrap of honey and seaweed. The treatment
    finishes with a gentle mineral-oil massage.

Alsik Nordic Spa

Calm, relaxation and immersion is the focus upon entering the lovely Nordic surroundings featuring nature, light and water. The unique balance of hot and cold spa experiences is based on age-old Nordic therapeutic rituals and the best bathing traditions, involving all your senses. Nature is infused throughout the spa as you embark on a unique journey through the naturally changing light of the seasons.

The spa enables you to rediscover your personal rhythm, take a break from daily activities and revitalise your body and mind.

Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Sønderborg - Spa

Beauty and Skin Care

  • Nordic Face Kur
    30 min. / DKK 495

    A gentle facial using organic products combined with
    pure Nordic ingredients. Cleansing, exfoliation, face
    massage, serum, facial cream
  • Urban Facial
    60 min. / DKK 895

    A facial specifically designed to relieve visible signs
    of stress and contamination using Skin Regimen
    products. Cleansing, exfoliation, serum, face cream
  • Blow dry, style, glam & trim
    Individual price
  • Spa Manicure
    50 min. / DKK 595
  • Nailberry Polish
    15 min. / DKK 180

    Nailberry polish is from the “L’Oxygéné” range, which
    uses the latest technology to deliver a colour film that
    allows air and water vapour to pass through without
    harmful ingredients. Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.
  • Raaw Facial Ritual
    60 min. / DKK 895

    A luxurious facial using 100% natural products made
    with organic ingredients harvested in the wild. Cleansing, exfoliation, mask, serum, face cream
  • Head & Hair Kur
    45 min. / DKK 595

    Nourishing treatment for hair and scalp that enhances
    and stimulates blood circulation. An aqua ritual, clay
    mask and scalp massage leave you with a relaxed, light
    feeling. Hair-drying is offered at the end.
  • Make-up
    Individual price
  • Spa Pedicure
    50 min. / DKK 595
Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Sønderborg - Private Spa Suite


Get your own personal room where you can enjoy the tranquillity alone or with someone you hold dear. A suite lets you unwind and relax in harmony with the lovely views across Alssund. Our spa suites are equipped with a private steam bath and sauna to maximise the benefits of your treatment.

Single 180 min. / DKK 2,295
Couple 180 min. / DKK 3,595

60-minute Reborn Body Treatment and 60-minute Nordic Face Kur, private steam bath, sauna and healthy refreshments.