The history of the Drei Mohren in Augsburg

The story of the hotel "Drei Mohren" (three moors) Augsburg originally began with four moors. They were monks from Abyssinia whose southward journey was fraught with bad luck ...
According to the legend: Around 1495, dark-skinned travelers were seen around the city. Four monks from Abyssinia stayed in Augsburg with innkeeper Minner for a while. The freezing winter however led them to decide to leave much earlier for the warmer south. One of the monks passed away around "Hochfeld". Innkeeper Minner brought the three survivors back to his house and helped them to get through the winter. In the spring, before the monks left, he had their portrait painted on a board and placed outside the inn.

In 1722, Andreas Wahl bought the property and turned it into an elegant hotel where kings and noble guests stayed:

1730    Friedrich Wilhelm I from Prussia
1756    Giacomo Casanova
1763    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1790    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
1792    Kaiser Franz II and Archduke Joseph

Around 1790, the vintner Anton Carl Singer from Innsbruck bought the hotel. From 1804 onward the hotelier Johann Georg Deuringer led the Drei Mohren hotel to international renown, not only because of the famous guests that stayed there but also its excellent wine cellar. The Deuringer’s wine list was known as the reference guide for fine wines. The guestbook of the hotel, found in its attic in the 20th century, has over 500 pages and lists royal visitors, such as:

1805    Napoleon I and Josephine
1808    Max I Joseph von Bayern
1815    Archduke Ferdinand
1825    Duchess Maria Luisa Charlotte Infanta of Spain
1836    Otto of Greece
1838    Czar Nicholas I
1841    King Ludwig I with his wife, Queen Therese of Bavaria

After the French revolution around 1800 and in particular in the mid-19th century, times changed – for Augsburg and the hotel. Augsburg turned into a industrial metropolis and the hotel into accommodation for merchants from all over the world. The grandchild of Johann Georg Deuringer divested the property in 1874 to a public limited company. The hotel now became known as a "palace-hotel". In the following years the ownership changed a lot.

In 1878 the industrialist Ludwig August Riedinger was the owner.  On the 27th of February, 1929 ownership was transferred to Drei Mohren AG.
On the night of the Augsburg bombings, between February 25th and 26th, 1944, the hotel was badly hit and burned down within two days. Only the front of the hotel withstood the bombs. Only the carpets and paintings that were brought to safety earlier on remained of the well-appointed rooms.

In 1947, Drei Mohren AG proposed a complete reconstruction of the hotel in the same spot. In 1954, the building plan was finalised and work began on February 1, 1955. On July 29, 1955 the topping-out ceremony took place, followed by the opening on May 26, 1956.

From 1979 the Steigenberger Hotels AG took over the management of the hotel. Since 1 January 2013 the Drei Mohren AG is franchisee of the Steigenberger Hotels AG. The Drei Mohren AG, since November 2015 Drei Mohren GmbH, is owner and employer until today and initiated an all-encompassing renovation of the building in 2011 as well as a restoration of the grand art collection, which has been embedded into the entire design concept of the "Drei Mohren" today.

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