Time and space for complete relaxation.

We put special emphasis on a holistic view of our guests and their health. That is why we not only offer classic treatments, but also Ayurvedic healing.

In a total of eleven treatment rooms, our professional team is fully dedicated to your wellbeing.
There are rooms for manicures and pedicures, cosmetics, massages, Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, fitness, baths and a Turkish bath.

Guests can take part in various courses and offers free of charge. We are also happy to welcome day spa visitors, because short breaks can also mean great relaxation.

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Steigenberger Hotel and Spa Bad Pyrmont - Pool

Plenty of space to relax - The Pool Area

Strength is found in serenity

Our atmospheric pools, with their Oriental Moorish design, offer 1,500 sqm of variety and space for your wellbeing.

A large swimming pool in which the water is always a very pleasant 27°C. The comfortable loungers inside and outside, as well as our infrared cabin, invite you to relax. 


Give your body time to recharge and leave everyday life behind with a visit to our saunas. Opt for a liberating steam bath or reinvigorating herbal/organic sauna. Our "log cabin" sauna in the prettily landscaped outdoor area provides a more traditional sauna experience, while the large sauna garden is the perfect place to cool off and chill out.

Steigenberger Hotel & Spa Bad Pyrmont - Sauna


  • Udvartana peeling massage
    Reduces fatty tissue; models, cleanses and invigorates the skin’s metabolism with finely ground, organic Ayurvedic herbal powder. 40 minutes € 69
  • Prana back massage
    Tension is gently released through soothing and coordinated massage movements. 30 minutes € 59
  • Shiro Mukabhyanga massage
    Let go and enjoy with an Ayurvedic head, neck and face massage. Calms the vegetative nervous system and has a balancing effect on irritated and nervous skin. 30 minutes € 59
  • Abhyanga massage
    A gentle full-body massage in which precious oils are warmed up and gently massaged into the skin. The calmness of the strokes relaxes the muscles, stimulates the metabolism to purification, calms the mind and naturally cares for and nourishes the skin. 60 minutes € 109 If you book early, we can also offer this as a four-handed massage. Price on request
  • Jambira Pinda Sveda stamp massage
    A tightening, smoothing stamp massage to tighten the skin on the upper arms, stomach and thighs and to help with cellulite. Refreshes and stimulates the metabolism. 60 minutes € 109 If you book early, we can also offer this as a four-handed massage. Price on request
  • Ayurvedic medical consultation
    Please book well in advance. 60 minutes € 99
  • Navarakizhi rice bag massage
    The Ayurvedic rice bag massage gives your body newfound strength and stability. It promotes blood circulation and digestion and relieves stiff joints. Navarakizhi gives the skin a radiant appearance. 60 minutes € 109 If you book early, we can also offer this as a four-handed massage. Price on request
  • Padabhyanga foot massage
    Enjoy an invigorating foot bath to begin with. The subsequent foot massage with warm oils reduces congestion, swelling and heavy legs. It has a calming, harmonizing and vitalizing effect on the entire organism. 40 minutes € 69
  • Garshan peeling massage
    Causes increased cellulose activity and creates new freshness and vitality. The skin is polished until it’s smooth and silky. This is particularly effective for cellulite and highly recommended for sensitive skin. 20 minutes € 49 If you book early, we can also offer this as a four-handed massage. Price on request
  • Marma massage
    A wonderful massage for activating the flow of energy in the body. The vital points are intensively massaged in order to release tension and harmonize organ functions. The Marma massage helps with tiredness and exhaustion. 60 minutes € 142
  • Shirodhara forehead pouring
    You will experience pure relaxation after a gentle massage. Warm oil flows over your forehead and head. Shirodhara calms the vegetative nervous system and the mind, harmonizes both halves of the brain and promotes a healthy, restful sleep. Shirodhara, long: Forehead pouring with full-body oil 60 minutes € 124 Shirodhara, short: Forehead pouring with neck, head and face massage 40 minutes € 72

Body treatments

  • Aromatherapy full-body massage
    Just relax with the classic full body massage: you deserve it. 50 minutes € 69

  • Aromatherapy partial-body massage
    Enjoy a cheerful start to your day with a partial-body massage. 30 minutes € 49

  • Hot stone massage
    Treat yourself to a vacation for the soul. With the stored warmth of the basalt stones and the soothing massage, you’ll give yourself the gift of a sensual experience. 50 minutes € 99

  • Sports massage
    Feel rapid regeneration and increased freedom of movement. Thoroughly loosen muscle groups and release tension. 40 minutes € 69

  • Sports massage followed by taping
    To support the massage, the stressed muscle areas are then stabilized with tape. 50 minutes € 89

  • Taping
    Special application techniques stimulate the body’s self-healing powers in the respective tissue structures while maintaining mobility. 10 minutes € 20

  • Body styling
    After a silk glove massage, enjoy a decongesting body massage that activates lymph flow. A detox pack is applied to specific areas of the body and strengthens the reducing effect. 70 minutes € 99

  • Turkish bath
    Oriental cleansing ceremony: full-body peeling with a Kese glove, soap foam massage on a warm granite stone and oil massage. 60 minutes € 99

  • Singing bowl massage
    Meditative tones let you relax deeply and support all of your body’s regeneration processes, both on a physical and on a spiritual level. 60 minutes € 99

  • Pregnancy massage
    During this massage, we pay particular attention to the position of the pregnant woman, the careful selection of beneficial oils and the areas of the body that are safe to massage. Possible from the 14th week of pregnancy. 50 minutes € 69

  • Ear candling ritual
    Balancing, calming effect on the entire head. For migraines, sinus problems and just simple enjoyment. 40 minutes € 69

  • Wellness lymphatic drainage
    Manual lymphatic drainage releases energies you might not know you have. 50 minutes € 79

  • Reflexology
    A good feeling for the whole body: foot reflexology with a holistic approach. 40 minutes € 69

Cosmetics for him & her

  • Freshness Kick
    Cleansing, peeling, plant-based power serum, invigorating facial massage or a refreshing mask. 40 minutes € 69

  • Pure Moisture
    Eyebrow correction, cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, cleansing, facial massage and a moisturizing mask. 60 minutes € 94

  • Radiant Results
    Eyebrow styling including coloring, cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, deep cleansing, facial massage and invigorating, hot compresses for your feet. Including a face pack tailored to your skin type. 90 minutes € 159

  • For Guys
    Eyebrow styling, peeling, deep cleansing, herbal power serum, facial massage and final mask. 60 minutes € 94

  • Wellness manicure
    With nail oil. 40 minutes € 59

  • Enchanted Hands
    Classic manicure with a hand bath followed by gentle peeling of the hands and forearms, an invigorating massage and a hand mask rich in active ingredients. Including a complimentary nail polish of your choice that you can take with you. 70 minutes € 99

  • Wellness Pedicure
    With vitamin nail polish. 40 minutes € 59

  • Enchanted feet
    Classic pedicure with aromatic foot bath and subsequent foot and lower leg peeling, invigorating massage and pampering soft pack. Including a complimentary nail polish of your choice that you can take with you. 70 minutes € 99

  • Nail polish
    Exclusive complimentary nail polish of your choice that you can take with you. 20 minutes € 34

  • Eyebrows & Lashes
    Eyebrow styling € 15 Eyebrow coloring € 15 Eyelashes € 15

  • Depilation - hairless, smooth and soft skin
    Upper lip approx. 10 minutes € 17 Chin approx. 10 minutes € 17 Eyebrows ca. 10 minutes € 17 Back approx. 30 minutes € 59 Full arm approx. 20 minutes € 45 Lower legs approx. 20 minutes € 45 Legs (upper and lower) approx. 30 minutes € 59
  • Makeup
    Day makeup 25 minutes € 39 Evening makeup 40 minutes € 55

For Teens

  • Clear skin
    Intensive deep cleansing: balancing and regenerating herbal products clear up your complexion. 40 minutes € 69 (ages 12–16 when accompanied by a legal guardian)