SPA & wellness at Steigenberger Hotel Thüringer Hof

Top up with strength and energy in our comfortable wellness and fitness area. There you will find a Finnish sauna, an attractive rest zone with roof terrace and modern fitness equipment. Unwind after an eventful day with an inspiring view over Eisenach and give yourself a little break. You can also take advantage of the hotel's unique surroundings. The Thuringian Forest Nature Park offers many walks and routes for cyclists and friends of exercise. The nearby town park is perfect for a jog, walk or stroll.

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In good hands - Massages for feeling good

Our experienced massage therapist Jana Barth offers different massages to relax and feel good.

For your appointment call +49 3691 28-0 or send us an E-Mail.


  • Aroma massage with bio-aroma oils
    With the aroma of essential oils, a massage becomes something very special. The body not only absorbs the active ingredients via the sense of smell, but also through the skin. Depending on the daily needs, the effect can be relaxing, invigorating, refreshing, warming, calming or it can improve concentration. (In the event of any intolerance to aromatic essences, it is possible, following consultation, to only use organic base oils.)

    Full body massage
    60 minutes € 87.-

    Back, shoulder-neck, face
    30 minutes € 47.-
  • Cranio-sacral energy massage
    Cranio-sacral energy massage is based on work with the cranio-sacral rhythm, which shows itself in the fine pulsations of the brain and spinal fluid. With the help of gentle touches on the cranio-sacral system, the body’s own natural self-healing mechanisms are activated. These touches strengthen self awareness and provide physical and mental relaxation. We recommend comfortable clothing for this massage.

    50-60 minutes € 72.-
  • Foot reflex zone massage
    Feet as a mirror image of the body - the foot reflex zone massage is based on the reflex points on the soles of the feet, which accord to specific areas of the body. The effect is relaxing and stimulates self-healing. Depending on what is required, the reflex zones are touched so as to produce a stimulating or relaxing effect. Thanks to the massage, vital energy is again able to flow through the body unhindered.

    30 minutes € 47.-
  • Aurum Manus® Massage
    The Aurum Manus® massage is a flowing dance of warm hands in intimate contact with the body of the person being massaged. In this dance, the gemstone beads flow in and out like the rising and falling from a flowing current. The precious and high-quality organic vegetable oils and essential oils in the specially developed massage oils support the effect of the massage and provide a feeling of harmony and security.

    Partial massage
    - Back, shoulder-neck, arms, face
    - Feet-legs, back-neck
    Each 35 minutes € 62.-

    Full body massage
    60 minutes € 112.-
Steigenberger Hotel Thüringer Hof, Eisenach – SPA

Wellness area

The spa and wellness area is tranquil and well equipped. You will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and intimate surroundings in which you can relax and switch off to optimum effect. Experience the beneficial heat in the Finnish sauna, use the modern fitness machines or go on a sporty journey of discovery in the surrounding area.

Spa & wellness Eisenach – Steigenberger Hotel Thüringer Hof