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SPA at Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg

Our Country Club with pool, sauna, steam bath and fitness center as well asthe Vinoble Day Spa are open every day and deliver a comprehensive offering.

Start your morning with a workout in the gym or a few laps of the pool. In the afternoon and evening, wind down and reenergize in the sauna or steam bath after a long conference or tour through the city.

Visit the Vinoble Day Spa and take the time to experience the little things for which day-to-day life leaves no time. Our team will spoil you with massages, baths, beauty treatments and soothing body packs. 

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Country Club with Pool, Sauna, Steam-Bath and Fitness Center

Our Country Club in the "Landhaus" with a swimming pool, steam bath and various saunas. The fitness center offers a wide range of equipment as well as qualified personal trainers who work with you on your training success.

Day pass: 25.- €

Opening hours:
daily 6:00 am-10:00 pm

For more information contact our Golf reception staff by pone +49 40 60822-8877.

Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg, Hamburg - Spa facilities

Vinoble Day Spa

We are looking forward to pampering you with our unique products and treatments. Enjoy our one-of-a-kind spa experience based on the essences of the grapevine. Vinoble treatments are more than just simple treatments: they are an investment in your health and your beauty. The basis of our treatments are the best and most pure raw materials that nature provides: the grape and the vine.

For appointments call +49 40 60822 8881 or send us an E-Mail.

Private Spa Suite

In our Private Spa Suite luxury is a matter of course thanks to its own sauna and double-whirl bathtub, both of which are only separated by a single door from the superior double room.
Close the door and pamper yourself from head to toe in a private atmosphere. Whether it be for a few hours or overnight: The ideal place for your honeymoon undoubtedly lies in the Alstertal.

Enjoy the feeling of the Private Spa for a couple of hours with your partner and relax in the sauna and the double-whirl bathtub with the "Vinoble Barrique Wine Bath". The adjacent double room, of the superior category, invites you to relax.
240 Minutes of indulgence € 198

For appointments call +49 40 60822 8881 or send us an E-Mail.
Alternatively book our package "Private Spa" including overnight stay online.

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Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg, Hamburg - Private Spa

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A Vinoble Barrique bath:

An exquisite active ingredient composition of grape seed extract, rose petal water, aloe vera, red vine leaf and oak bark make this bath in the whirlpool massage tub a unique experience....

Starting at  30,- €

25 Min.

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Golf massage

The golf massage is a special treatment for the whole body.
The intense fascia loosening and joint mobilization from the feet to the hands brings body and mind into balance. ...

Starting at  59,- €

40 Min.

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40 Min. 52,- €

Foot reflexology massage

The foot reflexology massage causes by targeted massage of the reflex zones impulses that promise relaxation right down to the head and increase the energy flow.

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50 Min. 64,- €

Vinoble salt-grape Peeling

The Vinoble salt-grape seed peeling removes excess skin cells, cleanses effectively and smoothes. The subsequent back massage with nourishing grape seed oil provides the skin with valuable fatty acids. For a harmonious body feeling including velvety-soft skin!

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80 Min. 98,- €

Vinoble Selection (facial treatment)

The care experience for radiantly beautiful skin! Masks and serums are individually tailored to your skin type and give luminosity and intensive care. The integrated eye treatment smoothes fine lines and gives it new energy and freshness.

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20 Min. 29,- €

Vinoble eye treatment

Pamper your eye area! The highly concentrated eye-lift ampoule smoothes wrinkles, while the refreshing eye gel relaxes your stressed eye area. The intensively nourishing eye mask with soothing active ingredients visibly blurs your eyes.

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Spa Offers

  • Queen For A Day
    Feel like a queen and spoil yourself from head to toe.
    Your wellness day includes:
    · Rich breakfast buffet
    · Salt body scrub
    · Balance massage
    · Classic facial treatment
    · Either manicure or pedicure
    · As an appetizing snack, we serve a delicious salad in the restaurant
    · Complimentary use of the Country Club in the Landhaus with swimming pool, saunas and fitness center
    190 minutes
    € 245

  • Vinoble Nobel
    Exfoliation treatment, wine bath and massage
    A purifying scrub made of grape seeds, salt and moisturizing grape seed oil is followed by the "Vinoble Barrique Wine Bath". The treatment is rounded off with a relaxing full body massage.
    80 minutes
    € 125
  • Princess For A Day
    Enjoy, relax and pamper yourself like a princess. Your wellness day includes:
    · Partial body massage
    · Classic facial treatment
    · Complimentary use of the Country Club in the Landhaus with swimming pool, saunas and fitness center
    80 minutes
    € 95
  • Vinoble Beauty Secret
    The Vinoble Selection facial treatment - a smoothing experience for radiant skin with integrated eye treatment. This beauty package includes also a luxury spa manicure for your hands and nails.
    130 minutes
    € 135

Vinoble facial treatments

  • Vinoble Classic
    A fresh complexion in an instant! Precious, gently extracted active ingredients from our domestic grapes and vines protect your skin and give it a natural glow. Finely ground grape seeds and walnut shells gently exfoliate the skin. A deep cleansing or face massage followed by a face mask revitalizes and makes your skin look fresh and youthful.
    50 minutes
    € 69
  • Vinoble Mini Lifting
    Look instantly fresh and revitalized: The Vinoble-Mini-Lifting treatment rejuvenates the skin with a gentle tartaric acid peel. The secret ingredient lies within the boosting effect of the "Sausal" Pinot Noir. Grape stem cells and precious red wine extracts visibly firm and refresh the skin.
    50 minutes
    € 98
  • Vinoble Pro Youth Micro Needling
    Treatment with Derma roller.
    Skin rejuvenation plays the starring role! Intensive treatment for increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity with the highly effective Derma roller. Ultra-fine micro needles stimulate the production of collagen and elastin within the skin. The ingredients of the highly concentrated Pro Youth Lifting Mask and the subsequent skincare are absorbed particularly well. For all-round younger and fresher looking facial skin.
    50 minutes
    € 194

    Treatment price includes Derma roller for € 75 as your personal gift to take home after the treatment.
  • Vinoble Vino Deluxe
    Anti-aging has never felt so luxurious! Pamper yourself with this intensive treatment that features an enzymatic exfoliating scrub, an eye treatment and a massage. Our exclusive ampoules contain a blend of active ingredients specifically selected to suit your skin type. Fine lines are smoothed out and your skin feels toned and tightened. Choose between a warm contour-enhancing mask or a cooling polyphenol peel-off mask and feel how your skin becomes noticeably more radiant and toned.
    80 minutes
    € 129
  • Vinoble Selection
    A smoothing experience for radiant skin! We match all of our masks and serums to your individual skin type to give your skin intensive care and a radiant look. The integrated eye treatment soothes little wrinkles and energizes your skin. Let yourself be pampered and put the focus of your personal beauty program on relaxation, inner balance and advanced energy for your skin with our hydrating premium care products.
    80 minutes
    € 98
  • Vinoble Maxi Lifting
    Maximum lifting effect! This facial treatment combines our award-winning Vinoble-Mini-Lifting with a special modelling mask. This warming mask enhances the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients. The skin feels smoother, firmer and nourished well into its deep layers.
    80 minutes
    € 149
  • Vinoble Pro Youth Facial
    Intensive treatment for increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity with the highly effective Pro Youth Lifting Mask. With the Vinoble tartaric acid scrub, the facial skin is prepared for subsequent application of the mask. The soft, elastic fleece of the mask is soaked in a highly-concentrated cocktail of hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells. For all-round younger and fresher looking facial skin.
    50 minutes
    € 119

Vinoble Cosmetics for Him

  • Vinoble Classic Men
    New vitality - a scrub, deep cleansing and a mask which match to your individual skin type gives your skin intensive care and a radiant look.
    50 minutes
    € 69
  • Vinoble Mini Lifting Men
    Look instantly fresh and revitalized: The Vinoble-Mini-Lifting treatment rejuvenates the skin with a gentle tartaric acid peel. The secret ingredient lies within the boosting effect of the "Sausal" Pinot Noir. Grape stem cells and precious red wine extracts visibly firm up and refresh the skin.
    50 minutes
    € 98
  • Vinoble Selection Men
    This relaxing treatment activates the skin. Harmonizing, refreshing facial treatment with relaxing face and neck massage. Antioxidants from grape seeds protect and stimulate the cells and supply them with new energy.
    80 minutes
    € 98


  • Vinoble Balance Massage
    Fill up with energy and recharge your batteries with this unique combination of massage and body treatment. Feel rested and relaxed. Our treatment experts use small warm bags filled with grape seeds to spread the grape seed oil along the meridians to positively stimulate the body’s energy paths.
    50 minutes
    € 79
  • Sport Massages
    Partial body massage
    25 minutes
    € 37

    Whole body massage
    50 minutes
    € 68
  • Head and neck massage
    Soft and relaxing massage which encourage the blood flow and increase the energy boost.
    25 minutes
    € 36
  • Classic Massages
    Partial body massage
    25 minutes
    € 34

    Whole body massage
    50 minutes
    € 67
  • Foot Reflexology
    Pressure point massage which increases the energy flow.
    40 minutes
    € 52
  • Golf Ball Massage
    Playing golf requires 120 muscles. The golf ball massage is very Relaxing for stressed muscles and is very effective in their application. Smooth compression strokes are combined with the Hands and forearms of the therapist, as well as deep Trigger Points and fascia work with the golf ball. The muscles are relaxed by slight pressure and the blood circulation is stimulated.
    40 minutes
    € 59

Relaxing Baths

  • Vinoble Barrique Wine Bath
    This moisturizing bath in the hydro massage bathtub with its captivating scent leaves your skin with a feeling of pure silky smoothness. Wine leaf extract acts as an antioxidant and nourishes the walls of your blood vessels.
    25 minutes
    € 30
  • Bathing Dream For Two
    Enjoy relaxing moments with your partner in the double-whirl bathtub in our Spa Suite together with a glass of sparkling wine.
    40 minutes for two
    € 70

Scrubs and body wraps

  • Vinoble Vigorous
    Massage and scrub.
    Vinoble therapy Deluxe. A revitalizing full body massage is followed by a salt and grape seed scrub. The scrub removes excess skin cells and supplies the skin with nourishing cold-pressed grape seed oil – for a feeling of pure harmony in your entire body.

    Partial body massage
    50 minutes
    € 64

    Whole body massage
    80 minutes
    € 93

  • Vinoble Alkaline Body Wrap
    This alkaline body wrap supports the body during a fast. Thyme water has a cleansing effect; angelica root stimulates the digestive system. Packed in a blanket you can feel the relaxation flowing through your body, mind and soul.
    25 minutes
    € 39
  • Vinoble Silhouette Body Wrap
    Based on Viniferin, this body wrap stimulates the fat burning process and supports the body while slimming. It is perfect after the Vinoble Silhouette anti-cellulite treatment and in combination with the structure slimming compresses.
    25 minutes
    € 39
  • Vinoble Cleansing
    Full body scrub with salt-grape seed or salt-blossom.
    For silky, soft and smooth skin! Enjoy a purifying scrub made of grape seeds, salt and moisturizing grape seed oil. After the scrub your skin feels instantly clean and smooth and has absorbed the deeply penetrating unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil.
    25 minutes
    € 39
  • Vinoble Detox Body Wrap
    This body wrap is enriched with caffeine and Viniferin, an active ingredient obtained from the grapevine shoot. It supports the body’s own natural detox processes. Gently extracted grape seed oil nourishes the skin.
    25 minutes
    € 39

Vino Therapy

  • Vino Therapy Selection
    Course of treatments consisting of: Massage with gloves | Massage with detox body oil |
    Fascia massage | Detox reflex point massage | Cleansing with body powder and body wrap.

    An exquisite composition of vino therapeutic treatment methods! Join our vino therapists on a journey through several millennia of treatment tradition based on the active ingredients of the vine. Intensely nourishing oil, cleansing body powder and fragrant flower essences accompany you through this course of treatments. Massaging specific reflex points softens congested connective tissue, stimulates lymph flow and detoxes the body.
    80 minutes
    € 139
  • Vino Therapy Bouquet
    Course of treatments consisting of: Oil massage with body powder | Body wrap.

    Cleansing and nurturing lie at the heart of this vino therapeutic treatment. A massage combined with a cleansing body powder stimulates the body’s natural detox processes. Warm grape seed oil, blended with the active ingredients of the field pansy, lavender and Damask rose, condition the skin intensively. The subsequent warm body wrap purifies the body and removes excess water.
    50 minutes
    € 79
  • Vino Therapy Ausbau
    Course of treatments consisting of: Massage with gloves | Massage with detox body oil | Fascia massage | Detox reflex point massage.

    Feel the intensive effect of this massage on your body. Combined vino therapeutic massage techniques stimulate the metabolism, remove toxins and support the natural detox processes within the body. These effects are enhanced further by active ingredients in the vine and a cleansing body powder.
    50 minutes
    € 69

Vinoble Detox

  • Vinoble Structure Deluxe
    The slimming compress with an immediate effect! This treatment is especially effective for purifying your skin. Our experts have developed a special process for the application of the compresses, which are enriched with precious essences and our very own Viniferin Body Wrap.
    This treatment effectively targets the appearance of cellulite in favour of smooth and healthy looking skin.
    50 minutes
    € 79
  • Vinoble Vino Forming
    The synergy of anti-cellulite active ingredients and a detoxifying salt and grape seed scrub provides the perfect short-term program for problem areas. For a visibly and sensually refined and firmer skin appearance.
    25 minutes
    € 45
  • Vinoble Silhouette Deluxe
    Slimming treatment. Following a massage with stimulating massage gloves, our experts will treat your skin with our Vinoble Body Shape Serum and Viniferin Body Wrap, which will give your skin a smooth and silky touch. This treatment also stimulates the fat burning process and helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite and little bumps.
    50 minutes
    € 79

Cosmetic Extras

  • Hands
    · Manicure € 32
    · Manicure with polish € 35
    · French manicure € 48

    SPA Manicure
    The Vinoble spa manicure starts off with a scrub and a nail bath.
    After thorough nail care, nail polish is applied. The manicure is
    rounded off by hand massage.
    50 minutes
    € 52
  • Face
    · Eyelash tinting € 15
    · Eyebrow tinting € 15
    · Eyebrow shaping from € 15

    · Make-up (approx. 25 minutes) € 25
    · Evening Make-up (approx. 35 minutes) € 35
    · Bridal Make-up from € 150 (including trial date)
  • Feet
    · Pedicure € 39
    · Pedicure with polish € 45
    · French pedicure € 55

    SPA Pedicure
    This luxurious pedicure begins with an invigorating footbath. A revitalizing salt grape seed scrub removes excess skin cells. Includes foot and nail care. The pedicure is rounded off by a foot massage and a nail polish.
    50 minutes € 58
  • Nice and Smooth - Waxing
    · Leg half € 32
    · Leg complete € 47
    · Face € 12
    · Back € 29
    · Armpits € 19
Spa & wellness – Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg in Hamburg