Steigenberger Hotel Remarque, Osnabrück - Remarque’s Salon

Restaurants & Bar in the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque

From extravagant buffet breakfasts, through exceptional menus in our restaurant, Weinwirtschaft, to sophisticated evening drinks with live music in the Haarlem Bar, the hotel in Osnabrück caters to your every wish around the clock. You can even buy one of our select wines at the ENOTECA wine shop.


Opening hours:

6:30-11:00 am

Our restaurant Weinwirtschaft, welcomes you for lunch and dinner with selected regional and seasonal specialties. Assemble your own delicious plate of tapas, choose a piece of juicy meat straight from the barbecue, or try a local delicacy such as Osnabrück-style veal meatballs. Our expert staff will be happy to recommend select wines from around the world to accompany your meal. In the mornings, the Weinwirtschaft starts your day off with a generous breakfast buffet.

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Haarlem Bar

Haarlem Bar is the perfect place to chill out and sample the extensive cocktail menu. Live music attracts night owls from all over Osnabrück and the surrounding area. Haarlem Bar is the place to be whether you want an aperitif before your meal or a nightcap later on.

ENOTECA: Not for connoisseurs

Lovers of exquisite wines and liqueurs will be thrilled by a visit to ENOTECA. Join us for a tasting session of various alcoholic drinks, which you can of course purchase directly afterward. All of the wines offered in our restaurants are also available to buy here.

Remarque’s Salon: Your venue for special occasions

If you are planning a private celebration, take a look at our unique event location, Remarque's Salon. With glass on every side, this salon is bathed in light and provides a bright and cheery backdrop to your festivities. When the weather is fine, your guests can move straight from the salon out into the fresh air on the terrace. Put together your own custom menu with multiple courses to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or even a rip-roaring wedding reception. Our chef and sommeliers will be happy to advise you.

Restaurant & Bar in Osnabrück - Steigenberger Hotel Remarque