Zeppelin Day SPA at the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin

The Zeppelin Day SPA is an oasis of rest and relaxation high above the roofs of Stuttgart. This spacious 500 sqm wellness area offers a pool, sauna and steam bath. Unwind after a long day filled with business meetings or visits to Stuttgart's museums in the stylish Zen furnishings of the day spa, or reinvigorate yourself in the fitness gym.

We also offer a host of beauty and wellness treatments that you can book as add-ons. Treat yourself to a hot stone massage or complete beauty treatment including a facial, body scrub, manicure and pedicure. We will be happy to advise you.

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Day Spa

Spa World Comfort

The Zeppelin Day Spa above the rooftops of Stuttgart takes you away to the exclusive world of relaxation on 500 sqm. Treat yourself soothing massages or revitalizing beauty treatments with the high-quality products of Shiseido and Ligne St. Barth.

Spa Suite

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience during your stay, book our spa suite for your treatments: it offers a private wellness shower and a separate relaxation area. You will have access to the pool, sauna and steam bath and can unwind by sunbathing on our roof terrace.

Rejuvenate and tighten your skin in only 10 minutes

Visible results after the first application
Thanks to the unique treatment with the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System 2™, you can now maintain a youthful looking skin. Pamper and rejuvenate your skin with this innovative method by reducing wrinkles and cellulite with an instantly visible result.

Facial treatment 25 minutes 69 € per person
Book of 10/11th for free 690 € per person

Anti-cellulite treatment 25 minutes 69 € per person
Book of ten/11th for free 690 € per person

Winter Wellness World

Winter Bath for Two
A soothing winter bath in the exclusive Spa Suite (2 hours), including winter tea and 4 hours day spa
190 € for two persons

Winter Body
Winter body peeling and wrapping (50 min.) and 2 hours day spa
89 € per person

Winter Hands
Express manicure, hand peeling and wrapping, against rough hands in the winter season and 2 hours day spa
89 € per person (upon request, nail polish for 15 €)

Signature Treatments

  • Stuttgart's wine flair
    Back massage with grape seed oil
    25 minutes 45 €

    Full body massage with grape seed oil
    50 minutes 75 €
  • Wine rush
    Body peeling, body wrap, massage, face massage and special face care, a glass of regional wine or grape juice
    110 minutes 150 €
  • Wine dreams
    Body peeling, body wrap and massage with grape products
    80 minutes 135 €

Pampering treatments - Special packages

  • Little holiday from everyday life
    Facial treatment, massage, manicure with polish and 2 h day spa
    3 hours 265 €
  • Body & Soul
    Pampering bath, body scrub, body wrap with products of Ligne St Barth, partial massage
    80 minutes 125 €
  • Great holiday from everyday life
    Body scrub, body wrap, manicure, pedicure, facial treatment, partial massage, make-up and 2 h day spa.
    4.5 hours 390 €
  • Inner peace
    Body wrap, massage, head massage with products of Ligne St Barth
    80 minutes 125 €

Relaxing Massages

Facial treatments

  • Thirst quencher for the skin
    Moisturizing treatment with the Ibuki line of Shiseido, which revitalizes your skin and gives new suppleness. Ideal for dry skin.
    60 minutes 75 €
  • Glow
    For an even and flawless complexion. Due to ingredients like vitamin C and Asian plant extracts, Shiseido Glow improves your skin structure. This balancing treatment gives your skin luminosity.
    60 minutes 75 €
  • Face exquisit
    This treatment is specifically tailored to the needs of your skin. The eyebrow shape as well as eye lashes and eyebrow tint complete the wellness program.
    110 minutes 165 €
  • Fresh up
    This brief treatment combines a facial massage with a hydrating mask and gives your skin a smooth and fresh complexion.
    25 minutes 45 €
  • Pure
    Absolute purity on the skin for him and for her with Shiseido Pureness products.
    Ideal for blemish prone skin and dilated pores. (With extraction)
    80 minutes 109 €
  • Ageless beautiful
    A pleasure for the senses and a miracle for the skin with the ultimate anti-aging power of Future Solution LX products.
    80 minutes 109 €
  • All about eyes
    Quick treatment that provides your eye area with moisture and nutrients.
    25 minutes 45 €

Treatments for Him

Ligne St Barth

Wellbeing from head to toe

  • Manicure
    Manicure express
    30 minutes 35 €

    45 minutes 45 €

    Manicure including nail polish
    60 minutes 60 €

    Luxury manicure with peeling, hand pack and hand massage, polish
    90 minutes 90 €

    30 minutes 30 €

    Hand pack including massage
    25 minutes 30 €

    Hand pack including peeling
    25 minutes 30 €
  • Pedicure
    Pedicure express
    30 minutes 35 €

    45 minutes 45 €

    Pedicure including nail polish
    60 minutes ca. 60 €

    Luxury pedicure with peeling, foot massage and mask, polish
    90 minutes 90 €

    30 minutes 30 €

    Foot pack including peeling
    25 minutes 30 €

    Footbath including peeling
    20 minutes 25 €


  • Depilation for Her
    Legs/lower leg
    20 minutes 35 €

    50 minutes 55 €

    Bikini zone
    20 minutes 35 €

    20 minutes 35 €

    Arm pits
    10 minutes 20 €

    Upper lip
    5 minutes 10 €

    15 minutes 30 €

    5 minutes 15 €

Cosmetic extras

  • Brows and lashes
    Eyebrow shape
    15 minutes 15 €

    Eyebrow tint
    15 minutes 15 €

    Eye lashes tint
    20 minutes 15 €

    Eye mask
    20 minutes 15 €
  • Make-up
    10 minutes make-up
    10 minutes 15 €

    Day make-up
    25 minutes 30 €

    Evening make-up
    45 minutes 50 €