Spa & Wellness at the Steigenberger Hotel & Resort Camp de Mar

Fitness area: max. 6 people at a time - masks are compulsory as it is an indoor area.
Beauty & wellness treatments: daily from 10:00 to 7:00 pm with advance reservation.

Relax your mind and body on a balanced sport and wellness vacation in our hotel in Mallorca. The nearby Serra de Tramuntana mountains, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are perfect for hiking. Choose from a broad offering of water sports in the Bay of Camp De Mar. Golf players will find just what they're looking for at the Golf d'Andratx golf course that adjoins our resort and Majorca's 12 other golf courses. Back in the hotel you can swim a few lengths in our spacious indoor and outdoor pools or train on the modern equipment in the fitness gym. After that our sauna facility with sun lounger lawn and relaxation area invites you to unwind. A massage in our Spa relaxes tense muscles and enhances your feeling of wellbeing.

An experience for the senses -
innovative and extraordinary

Immerse yourself in a world of pure indulgence, tranquillity and relaxation. Individually and comprehensively tailored spa programmes and exclusive products slow down the pace of your day and pamper you. Relieve yourself of stress and tension in a luxurious setting and enable your mind, body and spirit to find harmony and relaxation. We look forward to seeing you!

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Steigenberger Hotel & Resorts Camp del Mar − Medical Beauty

Medical Beauty

In our modern society stress, hustle and bustle and increasing demands also leave their mark on our skin and bring greater strain on our body. Sporting activities are an essential part of staying fit. But overloading the body often results in injuries. Do you recognize yourself?
We offer you the perfect solution during your stay. Visible results are guaranteed, even if your body is not at its best. We create treatments adapted to your needs and wishes. Our goal is for you to find a holistic concept with success, which contributes to your well-being.


  • Facelift – our Medical Beauty Highlight!
    The latest technology for youthful skin and radiantly smooth results! Through highly effective therapy methods, fibroblasts (youth cells of the skin), collagen (firmness), elastin (elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration) are activated and newly produced. Natural lifting effect without medical risk!

    60 minutes € 190,-
  • Facelift Deluxe - Our Medical Beauty Highlight!
    THE luxury combination for maximum results in the shortest possible time!
    Through highly effective therapy methods, fibroblasts (youth cells of the skin), collagen (firmness), elastin (elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (volume and moisture supply) are activated and newly produced. Natural lifting effect without medical risk!

    Technology complemented by highly effective care from the Thalgo Exception series.

    Includes neck massage and vitamin cocktail.

    120 minutes €365,-
  • Diamant Peeling
    Medical Beauty

    The anti-aging treatment with immediate effect for him and her! Through the controlled removal of epidermal layers, diamond microdermabrasion stimulates collagen formation and the regeneration of cells in the basal skin layer. Particularly suitable for skin impurities, pigment spots, wrinkles and for optimal preparation of an active substance treatment.

    20 minutes €65


  • Cryolipolysis – Medical Beauty
    Cryolipolysis is a process developed by dermatologists. Such treatment always follows an individual consultation with an anamnesis. Unwanted fatty tissue is sucked in and cooled down with the help of a vacuum device.

    The cold treatment leads to targeted energy deprivation, causing an apoptosis of the cells’ metabolism which leads into a destruction of fat cells. During the first ten minutes, you might notice the beginning of the treatment and also a slightly cold feeling.

    After 60 minutes, during which you will have enjoyed the treatment in a relaxed way, the device will be removed and the therapy will be finished. A lightly reddened and hardened area remains immediately afterwards, but a final massage works away fat tissues and looses the hardening.

    2 areas 60 minutes € 260,-
    4 areas 120 minutes € 410,-
  • Pressotherapy – Medical Beauty
    Pressotherapy is a computer controlled device based on the principles of manual drainage. The release and compression of the various vascular and lymphatic structures during drainage immediately improves blood circulation along with nutrient elements and the elimination of liquids and metabolic waste products. This leads to edema reductions, the stimulation of immune system, the improvement of cellular immunity and a reduction of scars and cellulite. Pressotherapy offers both a preventive and a curative therapy for all the areas to be treated.
    45 minutes € 60,-
  • Algea Body Wrap
    100 % pure, natural and micro-powdered algae provide a purifying,
    tightening and metabolically stimulating effect. Water accumulations
    and areas of fat are reduced and the skin is provided with minerals, trace
    elements and vitamins. The body’s well-being is sustainably increased.
    50 minutes € 95
  • Rdt Radial Endoderm Therapy – Medical Beauty
    Stimulate your skin to achieve excellent results.
    The latest and most efficient methods of modern cosmetic technology (RDT® & CPT™ ) have been combined through the development of new equipment, so that it is possible to heat the deeper and most superficial skin layers at the same time. This allows for the regeneration of subcutaneous tissue at the same time as tightening it and the skin to increase the metabolism and strengthen capillary vessels. Due to the improved supply of nutrients and oxygen, trace elements and important enzymes, the appearance of the skin becomes more elastic, smoother and younger.

    30 minutes € 60,-
  • Cpt & Rdt- Medical Beauty
    This provides the maximum effect in the shortest period of time. CPT radio frequency in combination with radial endoderm therapy ensures firm and smooth skin in the shortest possible time for a perfect result for body contouring and modeling and is particularly suitable for the definition of thighs, hips and abdominal area. To improve lymphatic circulation, treat cellulite and stimulate metabolism.

    30 minutes € 90,-


  • Cpt Deep Heat Relax Massage – Medical Beauty
    Innovative CP Technology ™ efficiently enables the heating of tissues, muscles and skeletal system of the motor apparatus and is often used to treat acute or chronic injuries quickly and to relieve pain and soreness. The perfect massage to achieve an optimal deep relaxation is ideal for tense and painful muscles.

    25 minutes € 95,-
    50 minutes € 135,-
  • Pain Management Treatment - Medical Beauty
    The combination of the therapy modules CPTechnology™ & TESLA Magnetic Field shortens injury & recovery times & significantly improves patient comfort. For optimal treatment of acute or chronic pain, for example for back problems, cervical syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.

    90 minutes € 215,-

    We create treatments adapted to your needs and wishes.

    Bookable Extra for all treatments:
    Ligne St Barth massage oil € 5,-
  • Tesla STYM - Magnetic FIeld THerapy - Medical Beauty
    This is a new step in functional magnetic stimulation in pain management therapies with a 1, 7 Tesla. All deep muscle groups and nerves are stimulated. It is perfect for treating acute pain in muscles, the skeletal system and in the motor apparatus as well as for treating degenerative illnesses in joints. It is recommendable for post-operative care, broken bones, posttraumatic pain, and also for treating problems in the nervous system and paralysis. It offers outstanding results in a wide range of cases without side effects.

    20 minutes € 65,-


If you find a work-out is the best way to relax, you can do your cardio and power training in our fitness studio. We have top-quality fitness machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, ergometers and strength machines. In a friendly atmosphere you can get closer to your personal targets alone or with the aid of our personal trainers. Relax in the sauna after training or with a massage in the Spa.

Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort, Camp de Mar, Mallorca - Fitness

Facial Treatments

  • Thalgo Anti-aging - The Exception!
    New and improved formula!

    An anti-aging special treatment for maximum skin regeneration. Wrinkles are visibly softened and pigment and age spots are reduced. More buoyancy and elasticity is returned to the skin. Includes hand or foot massage.

    75 minutes 165,- €
  • Thalgo Source Marine - for Her and Him
    This gentle special treatment instantly relaxes your skin using calming chamomile, anti-inflammatory witch-hazel and algae extract – perfect for sun bathers. The result: smooth, relaxed skin and a fresh, radiant complexion.

    50 minutes 105,- €
  • St. Barth Freshness
    Delicate Caribbean fragrances take you away to an exotic world. An intensively relaxing treatment of the face, neck, chest with fresh papaya and pineapple and an additional massage of the hands. Your complexion will become harmonious, clear and fresh.

    80 minutes 135,- €

Body Treatments

    Peeling treatment with the power of vitamins. A moisturizing cocktail
    of oils, fresh papaya mousse, yoghurt and Caribbean sand to cleanse
    and moisturize the skin and restore its lost vitamins. Afterwards, treat
    yourself with a cream treatment – the ideal preparation for sunbathing
    and to get an even Caribbean bronze complexion.

    50 minutes € 105
  • St. Barth Softness
    Nourishing body peeling massage with Caribbean sea sand, fresh papaya and pure coconut or roucou oil. The skin is sustainably cared for and pampered with valuable nutrients.

    25 minutes €55


  • Foot Reflexology Massage
    A traditional therapy that stimulates the pressure points of the soles of the feet and boosts the metabolism.

    25 minutes 59,- €
    50 minutes 105,- €
  • Magnesium Sports Massage
    Promotes blood circulation, prevents muscle soreness, relieves pain in the joints, strains and tendon irritation, loosens tissue, improves mobility and regenerates muscle tissue and fascia. Highly concentrated magnesium oil supports regeneration, eases stubborn tension and improves performance. After all kind of sports activities.

    50 minutes € 105,-
    80 minutes € 155,-
  • The Energy Package – Our Highlight!
    The Energy Package – Our Highlight!
    A combination of foot reflexology, an intense back massage and fango mudpack. After this treatment you will feel wonderfully relaxed. The circulation is activated and the foot reflexology stimulates metabolical
    detoxing. Very popular with our male guests.

    50 minutes € 105
  • Massage Camp de Mar Classic
    The most traditional massage. Tired muscles are perfused, relaxed and revitalized again.

    50 minutes € 98,-
    80 minutes € 146,-
  • Cpt Deep Heat Relax Massage – Medical Beauty
    Innovative CP Technology ™ efficiently enables the heating of tissues, muscles and skeletal system of the motor apparatus and is often used to treat acute or chronic injuries quickly and to relieve pain and soreness.

    The perfect massage to achieve an optimal deep relaxation, it is ideal for tense and painful muscles.

    25 minutes € 95,-
    50 Min € 135,-

Spa Highlights

  • Lomi Lomi
    An ancient Hawaiian massage technique, which was originally practiced by shaman healers. The Lomi massage not only helps one to relax but also cleanses the mind, body and soul.

    75 minutes 139,- €
  • Hot Stone
    A relaxing, energising massage with warm lava stones.

    50 minutes € 115
    80 minutes € 145
  • Ayurveda Massage - Abhyanga
    Ayurveda translates as “worldly wisdom” and is a traditional Indian therapy. Abhyanga is probably the most well-known form of Ayurveda therapy. Warm sesame oil and a special massage technique give the
    mind, body and soul an indescribable feeling of completeness.

    75 minutes 139,- €
  • St Barth Harmony
    A light massage with a harmonising effect, using the finest and aromatic oils from St Barth. Enjoy the Caribbean feeling of the luxurious oils of this relaxing massage.

    60 minutes € 115

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