22. December


12:00 o'clock
El Gordo
christmas lottery
The Spanish Christmas lottery is the largest lottery in the world. "El Gordo" - "The fat one" is called the main prize. All proceeds from the lottery will be donated to the Argo workshop for the disabled in Davos.

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m
Santa's workshop
make gifts. Letters to Father Christmas.
Our child carers Anneliese & Joy will - according to American tradition - make and wrap gifts in Santa's workshop. In Switzerland it is customary for children to write a letter to Father Christmas to express their wishes.

6 p.m
Advent Calendar
@Carigiet Bar & Lounge
Every day in December – up to and including December 24th. - there will be a lucky one who can open a gift. Whether big or small, old or young - there is something for everyone.