Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Roadmap


We believe it is our natural responsibility to consider the effects of our actions on the environment and climate, on people and society.

This philosophy includes looking at our value chain – from our raw materials and products right up to the travel behavior of our guests. To provide transparency on how we understand this responsibility, the resulting measures and the objectives both inside and outside the company, we have set out our strategy for corporate social responsibility in a “CSR Roadmap”. Our CSR Roadmap includes compulsory targets in the short, medium, and long-term for all key issues of sustainability at Deutsche Hospitality. We can then use these targets to assess the progress we are making towards achieving our ambitions. This makes CSR something we can manage from a business and economic  Perspective. Through our CSR strategy, this clear direction and consideration of the sustainability expectations of various stakeholders helps us to secure our market position, to minimize risks at an early stage, to put innovative ideas into practice, and
consequently to foster the growth and internationalization of the company. We help our employees to become socially engaged, which in turn helps to make our activities more effective.

Sustainable & Fair - High Five - One Team

One Team

We work hand in hand
Because “we” is always stronger than “I”.

Whether you are a manager or a trainee – in our culture of togetherness, everyone can and should make their own
contribution to our shared success. After all, our employees are the most important drivers of our company’s sustainable activities. That’s why we as an employer attach particular importance to personal development, equal opportunities, health, and the mobility of each and every individual. That way, we can continue to develop a corporate culture based on open-mindedness and reliability.

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Green Buildings

We will be climate-neutral by 2050.
Because conserving resources is the future.

In order to make a positive impact on our carbon footprint, we need to be responsible in how we deal with natural esources. Through certifications, we ensure that our buildings and processes around the world adhere to high sustainability standards: we aim to make a major long-term contribution to our goal of climate neutrality through resource-friendly construction standards that cover the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of our buildings.

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Sustainable & Fair – Green Buildings

Green Services

We combine sustainability with high-quality service
Because our guests deserve nothing but the best.

We want to offer our guests services that are more and more sustainable. This will allow us to enhance our services locally, and also to improve our impact on the climate and society. Not only are we providing an impetus for more ecological travel – but we are also looking at how we do things ourselves: for example, by rethinking packaging and taking specific action to increase sustainability in the area of food and beverages.

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Fair Partnerships

We keep an eye on the impact of our actions.
Because it’s time to give something back.

We want to set new trends – and to have our suppliers join us on the journey to greater sustainability. Whether it’sthrough our purchasing policies – where we are placing more and more emphasis on regional, fairly traded and certified products – or through more sustainable supplychains or respecting human rights: working in this way is a natural part of our philosophy, and we expect the same from our partners on a global level.

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Sustainable & Fair – New Chance

New Chance

We are open and fair on our interactions with others.
Because we involve the environment around us.

Social engagement has always been important to us, and it will become even more significant in the future. Thanks to our presence in locations around the world, we can and want to influence our social surroundings and help to shape life in the societies around us. We build up long-term partnerships and networks for this purpose. We also help our employees to become socially engaged, which increases the effectiveness of our activities.

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