Sustainability made by Steigenberger. Now all over Europe.

You would like to make a contribution towards a sustainable development with your conference but do not have the resources to devote full attention to all aspects of modern sustainability management? Then, make use of our award-winningGreen Meetingconcept which we can now offer you in all of our European hotels and resorts!

With this concept we not only ensure ecological protection of resources behind the scenes – we, at Steigenberger, want to make sustainability become alive for you – in all aspects:

  • tasty snacks sourced from regional farming
  • beverages both sustainable and fair traded
  • our own specially filtered drinking water provided in specially designed re-usable glass bottles
  • conference materials from recycled raw materials
  • complete compensation of the CO2 footprint of each of your conference participants through the support of UN certified climate protection projects

In order to fulfil the ambitious criteria which we have set ourselves, we work exclusively with audited partners in all of the measures we undertake and in this way ensure that current standards are met at all times.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We make use of energy-saving seminar and lighting technology such as, for example, LED illuminants and utilize intelligent energy control systems such as, for example, motion sensors for consequent requirement-oriented use of energy.

The fact that the electrical power used by Steigenberger stems for the main part from renewable energy sources such as wind, photovoltaic, and hydro electric power is an essential component of a balanced ecological environment.

Conserving Resources

The use of conference materials such as writing utensils and paper with a high level of recycled material, preference of products with little packaging in the conference and catering sectors or the reduction of the volume of water used by means of water-saving faucets are a matter of course within the scope of the GreenMeeting conference concept.

A special aspect is that of the drinking water – always freshly filtered and prepared at our own water-processing facilities and free of charge in the GreenMeeting conference package. The water is provided in our own reusable glass bottles so that we not only guarantee a constantly freshly prepared beverage – there is also substantial relief for the environment by dispensing with packing material and transport emission.    

Conserving Resources
Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

All of the hotels and resorts of the Steigenberger Hotels AG work in line with the world-wide accredited ISO 14001 environmental management system. A number of the hotels of our franchise partners are accredited in accordance with the Green Hotel criteria of the German Association of Travel Management, a registered association.

Refuse disposal management and separation of recyclable waste are subject to continuous control and improvement. The avoidance of environmentally dangerous substances by using bio-degradable cleaning agents is only one of the numerous measures sustainably included in the whole of the value-added chain of the hotel.

Regional Food and Beverages

Catering for your conference participants with seasonal products from the surrounding region is one of the most important pillars of our GreenMeeting concept.

High quality, authentic food – wherever possible from controlled ecological cultivation – not only contribute towards the environment but also form an important component in the success of your event itself. Coffee, tea and refreshments in biological and fair trade quality together with new snack specialties created for meetings with super foods are tasty suppliers of energy and contribute towards a constantly high performance level of your event.  

Regional Food and Beverages
Climate Protection

Climate Protection

At Steigenberger’s your event is completely and automatically climate-neutral. The CO₂ emission of your event and your overnight stays at a Steigenberger hotel are counterbalanced for you by our cooperation partner, atmosfair, in its UN certified climate protection projects.

This non-profit climate protection organization is regularly awarded first prize for CO₂ compensation. You will receive a certificate from atmosfair confirming the CO₂ compensation. You can display or hand this certificate to the participants. Atmosfair will also be pleased to provide you with further support in the communication of your climatically friendly event. 

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